Huron Shores Green Lane Industrial Park Area

Location: Over 120 acres, the Green Lane Industrial Park is conveniently located off Station Road, beside the Trans-Canada Highway 17. 92km East of Sault Ste Marie and 217km West of Sudbury in the Municipality of Huron Shores.

Coordinates: 46.269513, -83.524316

The Municipality is in the early stages of development of the Industrial Park. In a central location within Huron Shores, many services are close at hand including the Trans-Canada Highway and Huron Central Railway.

The Industrial Park is active in stages of development, recent developments to become investment ready includes:

  1. Purchase of additional neighbouring property to allow for improvement road access
  2. A drilled well
  3. An updated Industrial Servicing Alternatives Study by Tulloch Engineering
  4. Site-specific zoning to allow for the Huron Shores Fire Department Training Site

Should there be interest in land within the Industrial Park, you are encouraged to contact our Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) to initiate planning. The Municipality’s Deputy Clerk and Secretary of EDAC can assist you.

Amber Burgler, Deputy Clerk
Office: 705-843-2033

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