Chief Medve, Mayor Reeves with New ESU

The Huron Shores Fire Department has added an Emergency Support Unit to its fleet.  The new Emergency Support Unit was purchased with funding assistance from the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP).  JEPP contributed $36,592.30 to the purchase price of $81,316.22, the remainder being paid by the Municipality. 

“This new unit is replacing an almost 40-year-old van that had to be taken out of service for mechanical reasons,” said Fire Chief Gib Medve.  ” We took the opportunity to incorporate the design of the new Emergency Support Unit to meet a number of our needs, not the least of which includes a mobile support unit that can be utilized in the event of a larger-scaled emergency incident as a command post to coordinate emergency response.”

“On a more regular basis, the Emergency Support Unit is equipped to store and transport critical equipment used at fires scenes, motor vehicle collisions and other more common calls for service.  Our firefighters and the public we protect will be very well served by this new vehicle,” Fire Chief Medve added.  The Huron Shores Fire Department is responsible for fires and highway emergencies.

“Huron Shores, by accessing Joint Emergency Preparedness Program funding, has been able to acquire this Emergency  Support Unit which enhances the safety of the residents of the Municipality and all who pass through it,” said Huron Shores Mayor Gil Reeves.

” The availability of JEPP funding was a key factor in our decision to acquire this equipment,” Mr. Reeves said.

Photo by Brent Rankin, courtesy of  The North Shore Sentinel, February 9, 2011, Volume 48, No. 29

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