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Updated: August 2023

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The Dean Lake Bridge is part of a municipal infrastructure maintenance program. All bridges are inspected bi-annually by a team of Engineers as part of the OSIM (Ontario Structure Inspection Manual). The recent information session provided a report of the current condition of the bridge and information on upcoming maintenance.

What can you do to help?

Contact your local MP and MPP to call on the Federal and Provincial Government to invest in more Infrastructure Funding. Support Letter Template can be downloaded or obtained by contacting the Municipal Office.

Please note: The Municipality intends to implement a height restriction on the Dean Lake Bridge in the near future. Please subscribe to the website for updates on this and more news.


An Official Plan outlines how land in a municipality should be used and is updated to reflect changes in the community and economy in accordance with the Ontario Planning Act.

It is prepared in part, with input from the community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of the community.

An Official Plan addresses issues, such as:

  • Where new housing, businesses, and industry will go;
  • What services will be needed (ex. roads, water, infrastructure, parks and schools); and
  • When, and in what order, parts of your community will grow

The current Official Plan (2011) here:

The Municipality is in the early stages of the Official Plan Review, with OPEN HOUSES expected this Fall 2023.

Please review the comprehensive Background Report and related Land Use Policy Area Maps for details:

We are inviting citizens, friends and interested persons to share ideas, join in dialog and consider each other’s points of view about the future of the Municipality.

Public sessions are upcoming and feedback can be provided anytime to or by calling/visiting the office 705-843-2033. We ask everyone to share information with those you know, whenever you can to reach as many as we can.


  • April 4th, 4:00-7:00pm – Iron Bridge Lions Hall, 10 Clarissa St. – OPEN HOUSE (COME AND GO)
  • April 18th, 7:00-9:00pm – Virtual on Zoom (Register here) – PRESENTATION
  • April 20th, 4:00-7:00pm – Thessalon Township Community Centre (Little Rapids Hall, 4 Little Rapids Rd) – OPEN HOUSE (COME AND GO)


The Municipality of Huron Shores has contracted AECOM to carry out a Long Term Waste Management Plan.
For more information please feel free to review the link below:
Long Term Waste Management Plan


On June 3, 2021, the Government of Ontario released a new producer responsibility regulation that makes recycling easier for Ontarians by standardizing what goes in the Blue Box and expanding services to more communities across the province, including First Nation communities outside the Far North.

The new full producer responsibility model will improve recycling across the province by creating a more consistent and reliable Blue Box collection service with some of the highest diversion rate targets in North America.

The first group of Blue Box programs will transfer responsibility to producers starting July 1, 2023. By January 1, 2026, producers will be fully responsible for providing services provincewide.

Huron Shores will transition June 27, 2025. Public information sessions will be held before that time for further information on the roll out of this program for Huron Shores. Stay tuned for updates! #stayinformed

Flood Risk Mitigation, Mapping and Studies

On October 26th, 2022, the Council of the Municipality of Huron Shores determined that the 2022 Inland Flood Line Interpretation Report would replace the Land Use Schedules of the Huron Shores Official Plan as the ‘engineered flood lines’ for the purposes of Section 4.11 of Zoning By-law #18-18.

For full, comprehensive details of this process, the studies that were carried out, the new flood lines, maps, and recommendations please review the following links by clicking below:

  1. Flood Risk Assessment Report by Hatch Ltd
  2. Inland Flood Line Interpretation by Municipal Planner for the Municipality of Huron Shores, Peter Tonazzo.
  3. Motion 8.1.1., Resolution 22-24-02, Flood Risk Interpretation Report

UPDATE: August 2023

The Municipality has initiated Phase 2 of the Flood Risk Studies, which will provide updated flood maps for flood-prone, high priority focus areas within the Municipality. At this time some areas that are flood prone are new and were not previously identified in the 1980’s and 1990’s as being at risk of flooding. Upon completion of Phase 2, the Municipality intends to examine implementing a two-zone, elevation-based approach for development.

The regulatory maps will identify flood vulnerable areas which will assist Council in implementing appropriate structural and non-structural measures that could reduce such flood risks and damages while providing a more flexible approach to planning and development in those areas.

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