Animal Control Service Fees – Schedule ‘D’ to By-law #22-84

Under the Municipal Animal Control By-law #00-08, all dogs must be licensed each calendar year. Dog Tags are issued at the Municipal Office and are valid from January 1 – December 31; proof of rabies vaccination is required.

The fees are as follows:

  • $5.00 each for non-neutered/spayed dogs
  • $3.00 each for neutered/spayed dogs
  • $25.00 for kennel licences

No one expects their pet to go missing, but it only takes a moment to slip outside or off leash, should the family pet wander away from home or become lost, a dog tag will help to identify it. Help us keep our four-legged community members safe by keeping them on leash, and with an up to date dog tag.

Please review By-law #00-08 regarding the licensing of dogs, responsibilities of owners, and fees for infraction of the by-law. Owners of pets falling under the definition of Dangerous Dogs are to register those pets with the Municipal Office.

In addition, to address the keeping of exotic animals or animals that may pose a danger to persons, domestic pets and/or livestock, the Municipality has passed By-law #13-56 – Prohibited Mammal and Reptile Species By-law.

Nuisance Beaver Tip – Property Owner Responsibilities


Beavers can be a nuisance! Creating flood waters from beaver dams, can create dangerous hazards to a property and person. Case law reveals that it is the landowner’s obligation to ensure water retained on their property does not negatively impact adjacent properties and land, including public roadways. The Municipality respectfully requests that all landowners monitor, maintain and/or remove beaver and/or dams on their properties to keep water to levels maintained. This could significantly limit your risk of liability for personal injury and property damage that could result from breach of beaver dams. If you are an absentee landowner, it may be beneficial to have another individual monitor your property in your absence to deal with potential situations that could reduce liability risks. Please contact the Municipal Office for a list of local trappers that you can consult for assistance. For tips respecting nuisance beavers please visit Ministry of Natural Resources information on maintaining and controlling beaver activity on your property.

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