Government Services

The Municipality of Huron Shores offers a variety of services including a

The Municipality also maintains recreation and community centres, a public library, museums that celebrate our rich farming and pioneer heritage, as well as a number of parks and boat launches.

A list of some of the Programs and Services supported through your Municipal Tax Billing:

Environmental: Waste Disposal Site Maintenance (4 sites), Recycling Program (4 sites), Hazardous Waste

General Government: Property Assessment (MPAC), Municipal Council & Staff
Infrastructure, Municipal Property, Cemetery Maintenance, Student Employment Positions (seasonally Internship), Student Bursaries

Health: Algoma Public Health (APH), Day Care (ADSAB), Land Ambulance (ADSAB), Social Housing (ADSAB), Social Services (ADSAB). Physician Recruitment & Retention (Blind River & Central Algoma), Education (4 – Blind River & Central Algoma)

Planning & Development: Emergency Planning & Preparedness, Planning & Zoning, and 911 Administration, Economic Expenses

Protection to Persons & Property: Fire Protection & Prevention, Police Services (OPP), Building Regulations & Inspections, and Health & Safety, By-law/Animal Control, Livestock/Fence Viewer, Nuisance Beaver Control, Donation to Algoma Veterinary Clinic

Recreation & Culture: Parks, Boat Launches & Grounds Maintenance (6), Recreation Facilities (6) & Activities, Cultural Services (Iron Bridge Historical Museum), and Library Services (Thessalon & Iron Bridge), Donations (Iron Iron Bridge Agricultural Society, Thessalon Arena, Iron Bridge Lions Club, RAIN, Royal Canadian Legion (Local Branch), Algoma Kinnawabi, and Blind River Christmas Baskets)

Transportation: Road Maintenance & Construction (458 lane kms), 12 Vehicles/Equipment plus various smaller pieces (ie. Lawn mowers, small equipment/tools, trailers and their respective implements), Bridge Maintenance (17) & Municipal Drainage, Street Lights (132), and Railway Crossings (8)

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