Discover Huron Shores: A Gem in Northern Ontario

Welcome to Huron Shores, a vibrant community where stunning natural landscapes meet a dynamic and sustainable future. Nestled in Northern Ontario, our municipality is a treasure of rural heritage, framed by the scenic beauty of Lake Huron and a mosaic of inland lakes.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Rich Heritage & Natural Beauty: From the serene shores of Lake Huron to our lush inland lakes, Huron Shores is a haven for nature lovers.
  • Sustainable Growth: Rooted in agriculture, forestry, and mineral extraction, we’re steering towards a diversified economy with a keen eye on environmental stewardship.
  • Community & Services: Our focus is on enhancing services to reflect the evolving needs of our community, ensuring a high quality of life for all residents.

Adventure Awaits!

Huron Shores is your premier destination for outdoor recreation. Our extensive network of trails invites you to explore the great outdoors, whether through hiking, snowmobiling, or ATV riding. These trails don’t just support our love for adventure; they draw visitors far and wide, fueling our local economy.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to preserving our unique character and rural charm while fostering sustainable growth and community development. As a key player in East Algoma, our efforts in environmental conservation and community development set us apart.

Join Us in Huron Shores

Whether you’re seeking adventure, a place to call home, or opportunities to grow, Huron Shores welcomes you. Discover the beauty, the community, and the opportunities that await.

With a long history of farming, logging, and aggregate extraction; Huron Shores is the result of the 1999 amalgamation of the former Village of Iron Bridge, the Townships of Thessalon, Thompson and Day and Bright Additional, and the unincorporated geographic townships of Bright and Gladstone.

Distance from major centres:

  • Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario): 117 km / 73 miles
  • Sudbury: 192 k, / 119 miles
  • Toronto: 581 km / 361 miles

Huron Shores is the entrance to the Mississagi Delta Nature Reserve, marking the mouth of the largest river flowing into Lake Huron. During the salmon run, the Mississagi River sees a significant increase in the eagle population; and is one of the only areas in Ontario where this occurs.

Check out our Points of Interest for even more local features or view our gallery for just a few images of what Huron Shores has to offer!

There is a new and exciting adventure in every season!

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