The Huron Shores Fire Department has received the following safety message from the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal respecting the Storage of Wood Chips:

“In light of Office of the Fire Marshalrecent storms across the province, which resulted in clean-up efforts of downed trees by home owners, businesses and municipalities, there has been an increased need to manage the storage of wood chips.

The accumulation of wood chips in piles can pose a fire risk if not managed correctly, especially if the wood chips contain bark and other impurities that cause the chip piles to be more susceptible to internal heating.”

The Office of the Fire Marshal lists the following recommendations regarding the storage of wood chips in temporary piles:

  • Limit pile sizes
  • Avoid compaction of the pile
  • Provide fire department access to the pile
  • Provide pile with periodic wetting, especially during dry conditions
  • Avoid maintaining large piles of wood chips for an extended period
  • Check piles periodically for any signs of hotspots, smouldering or unusual odour that could indicate the on-set of a fire
  • Keep other combustible materials away from wood chip piles
  • Eliminate any ignition sources near the wood chip piles
  • Prepare a pre-fire plan
  • Contact your local fire service for assistance in safe management.

For more information respecting fire safety, please contact Fire Prevention Officer Henk VanDelft by calling the Municipal Office 705-843-2033 or e-mail:


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