The Town of Thessalon and the Municipality of Huron Shores Launch the FoodCycler Compost Pilot Program

[April 2, 2024] – The Town of Thessalon and the Municipality of Huron Shores proudly announce the launch of the FoodCycler Compost Pilot Program, a collaborative initiative aimed at sustainable waste management. With the support of both communities, this program aims to divert organic waste from landfills and promote environmentally friendly practices.

On March 18, 2024, 47 residents from across the Town of Thessalon and the Municipality of Huron Shores signed up to participate in this initiative illustrating their dedication to sustainability and waste reduction. Following a period of 12 weeks, these residents have committed to undertaking a survey and lending their contributions to the outcomes of the pilot program, providing invaluable feedback and insights. Through the joint efforts of both communities supported by their respective Councils and participating residents, the FoodCycler Compost Pilot Program represents a significant step towards a greener future for both communities.

Over its typical seven-year lifespan, a single FoodCycler unit efficiently processes organic waste, diverting 2,450 kg (2.45 tons) of food waste from waste sites. Its minimal environmental impact and low energy consumption make it a valuable tool in combating climate change.

Municipal Staff behind the innovative pilot project, led by Susan Brisson (Activities Facilitator Office Assistant, Town of Thessalon) and Amber Burgler (Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Huron Shores) extend their sincere appreciation to every resident who enthusiastically signed up to be a part of the program.

To learn more about the FoodCycler, visit:

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