Fire Chief Jim Kent has issued the following public service announcement:

The past few days have been a welcome relief from the blustery days of April and, while the ground may still seem to be quite wet, the dead grass and debris on the surface are now tinder dry. We are entering a very high risk wildfire time of year that will continue until the new vegetation greens up. Even a slight breeze can quickly cause a small fire to get out of control at this time of year.

Please use extreme caution when burning outdoors.

Residents of the Municipality of Huron Shores are reminded that an annual fire permit is required for open air burning. Once a permit is obtained, you must notify the Municipal Office (705-843-2033, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) each day that you intend to burn.  Please ensure, if you are burning, to closely follow the restrictions stated on your permit especially with respect to the size of fire permitted; and to have the necessary resources on hand to control the fire.

Also note that if the Fire Department is dispatched to attend to a fire that is out of control, you could be responsible for the costs to contain it. If the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is called in to assist those efforts, the costs can be quite substantial.

To learn more about the Fire Department, Open Air Burning Regulations, and other Fire Safety information, please visit the Fire Department page.

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