This year, Public Health Champion awards and Young Public Health Champion award will honour Algoma residents who have stepped to keep our communities safe and healthy throughout 2021, and demonstrated exemplary kindness, compassion, and community spirit while helping others overcome the challenges related to COVID-19.

A Public Health Champion may be an individual or group of individuals, an organization, employer, or employee in Algoma. this can be someone who:

  • Helped combat isolation or stigma and worked to ensure that community members remained socially connected and cared for
  • Supported health protection and infection prevention and control, and helped community members stay healthy and safe
  • Helped spread credible information about the COVID-19 vaccine to help increase vaccine confidence and uptake in immunization

More examples of a public health champion are available.

A Young Public Health Champion can be an individual or group of individuals, or organization of children, youth and/or young adults under 30 years old in Algoma. Children, youth and young adults are powerful agents of change for building healthier communities and this year an award will recognize the extraordinary efforts of a young person in Algoma who:

  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity in making Algoma a healthy place to live and grow for people of all ages and abilities, despite limits posed by public health measures related to COVID-19.

More examples of a young public health champion are available.

Call for nominations end on January 28, 2022 @ 12 PM EST

Award winners will be presented at the February 23, 2022 Board of Health virtual meeting. Award Selection Nominations are evaluated by members of the Algoma Public Health Board of Health and Algoma Public Health staff.

How do I nominate?

Option 1: Complete the online form and click ‘submit’
Option 2: Download a fillable PDF. Complete it and submit it electronically by emailing:
Option 3: Download a nomination sheet (PDF) and mail it to:
Algoma Public Health
c/o Public Health Champion Award
294 Willow Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 0A9

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