Further, there is no longer a flat starting rate of $500, however, to offset this change a minimum application has been set at $500. The maximum remains unchanged at $3,000.

Also, the application deadline has been shifted one month sooner to prove funding in advance of the summer maintenance season.

The requirements for the Road Donation Program are as follows:

  • An accounting statement for the year is required and must include:
  • The starting reserves (bank balance);
  • A list of expenses;
  • A list of revenue; and
  • The ending reserve (bank balance).
  • The Municipality has a December yearend, so please only report on the revenue and expenses from January to December.
  • A copy of the year-end (December) bank statement confirming the reserve balance on your accounting statement. (Note: I do not require the full year of bank statements when submitting a detailed accounting statement).
  • Copies of the invoices.
  • Identification of the Committee’s contributions (a minimum of $100.00 per Km each year).
  • The Road Donation Application form must be fully completed with two signatures and MUST be submitted on or before April 30 of each year. (Note: new date).

For additional information, please visit the Treasury Department page, or contact the municipal office.

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