🟠 FIRE BAN: CAUTION ADVISED! Camp fires are permitted for cooking or warmth, and must follow the Open-Air Burning By-law.

🔴 FIRE RESTRICTION: NO GO! Restrictions are put in place by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) during periods of high fire risk, such as hot and dry conditions, to minimize the chances of wildfires starting and spreading. During periods of fire restrictions, it’s essential for individuals to adhere to the guidelines provided by authorities to help prevent wildfires and ensure everyone’s safety.

Restrictions include:

🚫 Use of burn barrels

🚫 Burning of grass and/or wood debris

🚫 Campfires (unless the owner of an organized campground allows it)

🚫 Issuance of fire permits (all permits are cancelled)

Exceptions include:

🔥 Cooking on a LIQUID (propane) BBQ or gas stove

🔥 Using charcoal installation – ONLY if you are within 100 meters from a permanent structure used as a dwelling, on land YOU legally occupy, at least 1 meter from flammable material, and must be completely extinguished and all ashes are safely disposed of when finished

🔥 Using an outdoor wood burning stove – ONLY if you are 100 meters from a permanent structure used as a dwelling, on land that YOU legally occupy, at least 5 meters from any forest area, at least 2 meters from any flammable material, situated on bare rocks, mineral or soil that won’t burn or exceed 2 meters around the stove in all directions, designed to be used for cooking or warmth, designed to use wood as a fuel source, made of non-combustible material, and equipped with working spark arrest devices for all vents and chimneys

Remember, whether it’s a ban or a restriction, it’s all about keeping our community and environment safe. Follow the rules, respect the land, and let’s all enjoy Huron Shores responsibly!

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