Reminder – Fireworks are not permitted during a Municipal Fire Ban or Provincial Fire Restriction and it is YOUR responsibility to verify there are no restrictions before lighting fireworks.

Setting Up:

  • Read the instructions, cautions and warning labels on each firework item.
  • Unused fireworks should be stored in a non-humid environment, with a consistent temperature in a cardboard box. Keep fireworks away from direct heat, flames and lit cigarettes.
  • Set up outdoors in a clear, open space. To ensure stability light fireworks on a hard, flat and level surface.
  • Make sure the direction of the wind is blowing away from the spectators and combustible materials.
  • Check each firework label for safety distances; ensure all spectators are at least the safety distance away from the display, keeping special supervision on children.
  • Have a bucket of sand, supply of water and a working fire extinguisher on hand.

Fireworks Show:

  • Only adults (18 years or over) should handle the fireworks.
  • If you are impaired (alcohol or drugs) do not handle the fireworks.
  • Light only one firework item at a time.
  • Wear protective eye glasses and gloves. Light at arm’s length and then stand back.
  • Never lean over the fireworks and keep hair and clothes away from fire sources.
  • Never attempt to re-light a “dud” or defective firework.
  • Never hold a lit firework item in your hand.

Henk VanDelft
Fire Prevention Officer
(705) 843-2033

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