Public Works has advised that effective Wednesday, June 5/19, the Half Load Hauling Period has been lifted.  Public Works personnel are in the process of removing all of the restriction signage throughout the Municipality.

In addition, ratepayers and the travelling public are advised that annual Roadside Brushing is being undertaken on various roads in the Municipality. notably in Ward 1 in a westerly direction from Station Road.  Affected residents/property owners have been notified, or will shortly be notified, of this necessary road work.  Please drive with caution and  be aware of the presence of heavy equipment and roads personnel.

Within the next week or so, work on the Maple Ridge Roads Project, as approved in the 2019 Budget, will commence.  A portion of Maple Ridge Road to its intersection with Highway 17/Brownlee Road, will be closed for approximately one day in order for the surface to be roto-milled.  Affected residents/ratepayers will have alternate access to and from their properties.  Council and staff thank you for your patience while this work is being completed.  Please watch for updates.

Original Half Load Hauling Restrictions Notice from March 26/19 follows:

Public Works advises that Half Load Hauling Restrictions are now in effect for the roads in the Municipality of Huron Shores.  On a seasonal (spring thaw period) basis, roads in the Municipality become too soft to withstand the weight of fully loaded trucks. It is imperative that the Municipality makes an effort to reduce the damage to the roads, thereby protecting the asset and limiting expensive repairs to the road network.  Please assist us in reducing repairs to our roads by not having heavy deliveries to your property during this time of year.
Due to the current mild weather experienced  frost heaves presented.  The travelling public is advised to take extra care and reduce speed when driving on municipal roads.  Public Works personnel are continuing to patrol, monitor and deal with situations as they arise. Be alert for public works equipment, personnel, oncoming vehicles, and heed traffic cones and barricades.  Please drive with caution and according to conditions.

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