With the holiday season upon us causing our lives to become busier, the Huron Shores Fire Department would like to ask that you take leave of your busy schedule and take some time to ensure your holiday won’t be hampered by fire. Please consider the following safety tips associated with this holiday time:

  •  Avoid over-loading electrical circuits. Use power bars as opposed to multi-head plugs and ensure you are spreading the power load to multiple outlets and circuits.
  • Only use candles with flame safety shields, like a glass cover. Do not put candles near flammables or leave them in a room unattended, and NEVER allow lit candles to be accessible to children.
  • When using Christmas lights, use the L.E.D. type if possible, as they require very little electricity and produce very little heat. As a rule, ensure for all types of lights, that the bulb part of each light does not directly touch any flammable surface such as paper, cloth, or tree needles.

The Huron Shores Fire Department wishes you and your family a very Merry and Safe Holiday Season!

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