Huron Shores Fire Department (HSFD) personnel will conduct door-to-door home inspections the evenings of July 19th and 26th between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.  All HSFD personnel will have Photo ID.  Should anyone require a home inspection during the day, Monday-Friday, please contact the Municipal Office at 705-843-2033, or

The Fire Department would like to remind you that it’s the law in Ontario to install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in your home, or cottage, if you have a fuel-burning appliance or an attached garage.  If your home/cottage has a fuel-burning appliance or an attached garage, you must have a working CO alarm outside all sleeping areas and for added protection, install a carbon monoxide alarm on every storey of the structure according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Fuel-burning appliances may include furnaces, hot water heaters, gas or wood fireplaces, portable fuel-burning heaters and generators, barbeques, stoves and vehicles.

About the HSFD:  The Huron Shores Fire Department is comprised of dedicated volunteers stationed at two fire halls located in Little Rapids (Stn. 1) and Iron Bridge (Stn. 2), respectively, bi-monthly training meetings, as well as joint training, are conducted throughout the year.  Council supports the Department by ensuring the budget, while fiscally responsible, allows the volunteer members access to the equipment, rolling stock and training necessary to protect the properties of the residents and ratepayers of the Municipality of Huron Shores.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of the HSFD, please visit the Fire Department page or contact the Municipal Office.

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