Bob Thorpe, OFM; Clerk/Administrator Debbie Tonelli; Chief Medve; Mayor Gil Reeves

Recently, the Huron Shores Fire Department hosted a surprise retirement party for former Fire Chief Gib Medve.  Mr. Medve first joined the former Thessalon Township Fire Department in 1992, rising to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief.  Following the municipal amalgamation of the Townships of Thessalon, Day and Bright Additional, Thompson and the Village of Iron Bridge in 1999 he continued to serve as Deputy Fire Chief for the Huron Shores Fire Department Station 1 (Little Rapids). He was appointed Acting Fire Chief  in 2005,  following the retirement of long-serving Fire Chief Brad Eagleson. Fire Department members confirmed his mandate in the departmental elections and Council appointed him Fire Chief for the Municipality in 2006.  In 2013, in recognition of his 20 years of service in the fire departments of the former Township of Thessalon and, following amalgamation, the Municipality of Huron Shores, he received the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal.

Mayor Reeves, in his remarks to the assembled guests, spoke to his years of working with Gib and his achievements as Fire Chief, noting the following:

  • his advocacy on behalf of the Fire Department and the Municipality has raised the profile of both, on the north shore and beyond;
  • his advocacy for the acquisition of equipment to ensure the safety of department personnel and the residents/ratepayers they protect;
  • he raised awareness of the need for support programs for volunteer fire fighters;
  • he evolved the Fire Department Constitution and written governance policy which provides guidance for the Department and stability going forward;
  • he praised Gib’s  leadership style, based upon communication, as he reached out to the membership, the community, and Council.

Mayor Reeves concluded, “Gib has always communicated with me in a  straight up, open manner, not just telling me what I wanted to hear.  In fact, he sometimes told me things I didn’t want to hear, but needed to, and always with the best intentions, always with the safety of you and the community in mind. If you are getting the impression I think highly of Gib, I do:  as a fire chief, a leader, and a friend.”  On behalf of Council, Staff and the Fire Department, Mayor Reeves presented Gib with the gift of an engraved Buck knife.  He also presented him with a certificate of appreciation from the Municipality and a framed copy of the resolution from Council authorizing him to be appointed as an Honorary Life Member to the Huron Shores Fire Department.   Bob Thorpe, from the Office of the Fire Marshal presented Mr. Medve with a plaque of appreciation.

Gib's Retirement - HSFD Group Shot

(All photos provided courtesy of Roger Mulligan.)





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