On Saturday, July 22nd, Volunteers, Staff and Members of the Municipal Council will be completing the installation of 97 signs along Huron Shores’ 55 km stretch of the Lake Huron North Channel – Great Lakes Waterfront Trail Cycling Route.

“Our volunteers, by installing our connecting Great Lakes Waterfront Trail signs today, will make it possible to cycle from Sudbury to Sault Ste. Marie on a clearly marked and visually pleasing route along the north shore of Lake Huron.” states Mayor Gil Reeves. 

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail connects more than 114 communities, hundreds of parks, natural areas including wetlands, forests and beaches. Created to protect, connect and celebrate the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes, the Trail has become a well-loved and used recreation, fitness and green transportation amenity, and world-renowned tourism attraction.

“Never in the Trail’s history has a community gathered together in this way to make the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail their own. We know people are going to fall in love with Northern Ontario. Cycle touring this Trail is a terrific way to explore it. We are proud to work in partnership with Huron Shores, proud to connect so many wonderful North Shore communities, and proud to be a part of the Great Trail,” says Marlaine Koehler, executive director of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust.

If you would like more information about the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and to download maps of the various sections of the trail, please visit the Waterfront Trail website:  https://www.waterfronttrail.org/


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