Meetings of Council will continue, via Zoom, for at least as long as the Provincial Emergency remains in effect.  Please monitor for updates.  Participation has changed slightly, in that; individuals must now register to participate.  This process will allow us to better track those who join via Zoom and eliminate the need for staff to ask you any questions in the chat feature during the meeting.  It is important to register well before the meeting, as you will receive an email from Deputy Clerk Natashia Roberts with further participation instructions.

The next Regular Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.  The meeting has been set up as a Zoom Meeting in expectation that the Provincial emergency may be extended. 

During the Meeting, a Zoom Presentation will be given by Kirby Koster of the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) regarding the Northern Ontario Residential Broadband Project coming to the community of Iron Bridge.  This is a very exciting project and we look forward to participation by the residents of Iron Bridge and surrounding area.

Please visit for details to access the Zoom Meeting.

We wish to thank the residents of the Municipality of Huron Shores for your continued patience, understanding and compassion in following COVID-19 Provincial Orders and Algoma Public Health Guidelines to keep us all safe, as we work towards eliminating community spread of the coronavirus.   We must all remain vigilant.

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