Central Algoma Freshwater CoalitionLAKE LINKS: A FREE Water Quality Workshop will be held Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at the Day and Bright Community Centre and the Cordukes/Weber 12-Sided Barn located at 1410 Basswood Lake Rd., Sowerby, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hosted by the Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition.

To Register visit:  http://lakelinkssowerby.eventbrite.com or call (705) 297-2201

Have you ever wondered: how does waterfront development impact lakes? What does the future hold for Northern Ontario lakes? What is the Lake Capacity Model and what could it mean for my lake? And, how can we balance healthy lakes with healthy development?

East Algoma Stewardship CouncilIn April 2012, the East Algoma Stewardship Council hosted a Lake Links Workshop in Elliot Lake.  The event was such a success, the Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition has decided to host a similar workshop in our area! Cottagers, homeowners, Municipalities, and organizations – we welcome you to take part in this FREE educational workshop and learn more about what you can do to protect our freshwater!

Presentations are tentative, but will include:

  • Lake Management Planning & Official Plans
  • Watershed Permitting and Approvals
  • Algal Blooms and Invasive Species—What You Can Do
  • Water Quality in the Central Algoma region
  • And MUCH MORE!

Spread the news: Post the Flyer in your place of Business

Dinner and refreshments will be provided.

Stay tuned for our agenda!

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