Treasurer/Tax Collector Sandra Leach was recently presented a 25-year service plaque by the Municipality of  Huron Shores.

Mayor Ted Linley, Treasurer Sandra Leach & Clerk/Administrator Debbie Tonelli
Mayor Ted Linley, Treasurer Sandra Leach, Clerk/Administrator Debbie Tonelli

Sandra worked briefly for the Village of Iron Bridge and was subsequently hired on a part-time basis by the Township of Thompson in January 1985.  Due to the then clerk-treasurer’s ill health, Sandra was hired on a full-time basis on March 3, 1985 and officially appointed acting clerk-treasurer on March 6, 1985.  Mr. Eckman passed away suddenly, shortly after Sandra’s appointment, and she was officially appointed clerk-treasurer for the Township of Thompson on November 6, 1985.  She worked for the Township of Thompson from 1985 to the January 1, 1999 amalgamation of Huron Shores, with which she became assistant treasurer and became the treasurer/tax collector on June 27, 2001.
“Council and Staff of The Municipality of Huron Shores and former Township of Thompson acknowledge and thank you for 25 years of dedicated service in Municipal Administration this 3rd day of march, 2010,” says the commemorative plaque presented to Sandra.
“Your leadership, loyalty, commitment and exemplary work ethics are outstanding and appreciated.”

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