The Municipality received the following information from the Township of Tarbutt:


Attention all Women aged 21 and Up:  Are you interested in meeting new friends, having fun, learning a new skill and getting out of the house for a couple of hours each week?   Well, a new Women’s Hockey League, based out of the Desbarats Arena, is for you!

Zero experience is required.  Those who join will be assessed on their skill level and assigned a level of: true beginner,  beginner, intermediate  and advanced.  Training camps for true beginners and beginners will be set up in the Fall, prior to the season of team play.

This new Central Algoma Hockey League for Women’s Motto is to have fun while playing safely and respecting the rules of the game and everyone involved.  For this reason, new teams will be drafted each Fall so that everyone gets to know everyone else quickly and so that all teams end up with an equitable number of beginners to advanced players.

Curious or totally committed, please let me know by contacting me at your choice of:

text: 705-542-5950
phone: 705-248-2091 (note: no answering machine)

NB: I will need at least 25 responses to know there’s enough interest to run this league.  You will be the first to play in this league so you will have a say in the number of practices and games and costs involved.


Kelly Cudmore

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