This is to advise that, in the interest of public safety and ongoing roads maintenance, the Municipality of Huron Shores is conducting a vegetation maintenance program to clear overgrowth from the Municipal roads rights-of-way. The maintenance will include the clearing of tree species and brush that have grown in or into the roads rights-of-way and are compromising the safe passage of vehicles and/or the longevity of the road system.

Brushing will take place to the back slope of ditches. The work will include the removal of overhanging limbs that are causing sight line concerns and are interfering with vehicle passage. This work will also improve the condition of roads shaded by overhang and currently prone to wet conditions, to dry more quickly by receiving full sunlight, an important component for a healthy road system.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the vegetation maintenance program, please contact the Municipal Office at 705-843-2033.

We thank you for your co-operation while this important work is undertaken.


Harry Hadikin
Public Works Superintendent

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