The OPP’s online reporting tool has been created to report minor occurrences such as: theft, mischief to property, lost property and driving complaints.  The online reporting tool can be accessed by anyone at www.opp.ca/reporting where each complaint is reviewed by an officer. Please provide a valid email, as certain online complainants may be contacted by an officer for follow-up information or questions. When reporting online, please include a narrative description of the occurrence.

If the minor occurrence cannot be reported online, please call the OPP toll-free number at 1-888-310-1122.

Use the online reporting tool or toll-free number to report, regardless of value: 

  • Lost/missing property
  • Stolen license plates or validation stickers
  • Theft from a vehicle
  • Mischief to a vehicle
  • Mischief (damage to property other than a vehicle, including graffiti)
  • Theft
  • Driving Complaints (after the fact).

DO NOT use this system: 

  • If the occurrence is an emergency
  • If the occurrence happened outside of OPP jurisdiction
  • If there are any identifiable suspects
  • If anyone was injured
  • If the occurrence involves a weapon
  • If the occurrence involves any damage to a motor vehicle due to an actual or apparent collision, including fail to remain collisions
  • If the occurrence involves a break and enter to a place (e.g. unlawful entry and theft from a house, a building or a structure)
  • If the occurrence involves drugs or gambling (including lottery tickets)
  • If the occurrence involves a passport


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