Iron Bridge Historical Museum

The museum was first established in 1974 when grant funding was secured to allow a group of students to relocate and refurbish a timber structure building. This long cabin dates back to 1879, originally owned by John and Sandy MacDougall. The log cabin was built as a homestead and formerly located at the family farm in Sowerby. This cabin is now the Main Museum Building, containing many artifacts used by farmers and loggers in the area. The Tourist Information Centre, souvenirs and beverages are available in the log home. Come and see the ambulance bed used by Tulloch’s Taxi to transport sick or injured residents, and the Ingram family’s fireless stove. There is a wide range of artifacts here, including local wedding gowns, WWII military uniforms, 1950’s era baseball uniforms, 25 years of Bind River District High School graduation programs and graduate names, items from the Inkster family farm in Dean Lake, and much more.

Originally built in 1890, the timber home of Lawrence and Andrena Tulloch/Carlyle was relocated to the Museum site from Bright Township. The home depicts the interior of a local farm home and contains artifacts commonly in use until 1939. Come see the homemade quilt quilted by Mrs. Charles (Mary) Rosenburg c. 1903, the Tait Family Bible from 1886, the Bell family table built over a hundred years ago with square nails, a Women’s Institute of Iron Bridge fundraising quilt embroidered with many early residents’ names, a late 19th century hair wreath made by Mrs. Annie (Henry) Eaket, and many more early 20th century artifacts used in every room of the early residents’ homes.

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