The Ontario Court of Justice has issued an order to minimize the impact of a postal disruption for provincial offences matters.

The order will suspend the following time limitations for the duration of the disruption in mail services in Ontario plus 20 days.

For all offences

  • The 30 days for appealing a court decision to the Ontario Court of Justice.

For all ticketable offences

  • The 21 days in which the court clerk may administratively reschedule a trial (e.g., the date indicated on the initial notice of trial is a statutory holiday);
  • The 15 days during which defendants may request a trial (only applicable where the ticket indicates that defendants may request trials by mail).

For parking offences only

  • The 15-35 days during which a notice of impending conviction must be sent to defendants who fail to respond to their initial parking tickets;
  • The 75 days in which a parking proceeding can be commenced in the court.

To read the full order (in English) please click here.  This Notice and the Court Order are also available in French.

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