View of Bright Lake from Roe Park
Bright Lake as viewed from Roe Park

The Bright Lake Association was recently awarded a $10,000.00 grant from Shell Oil, enabling preservation of the Bright Lake watershed.

The Association now has the opportunity for an additional $25,000.00 through a special project called “Fuelling Change,” also sponsored by Shell Oil.

This project can be viewed at which showcases environmental projects in Canada, including the Bright Lake Association project.  Shell will choose grant recipients based on the number of votes each project garners.

Roe Park Boat Launch
Roe Park Boat Launch, Bright Lake

How to Vote:
1. Log on the web site:
2. Find the project called “Huron Shores Watershed Management Plan”, Bright Lake Association.
3. Register with a Canadian address and…
4. Vote!

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